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The Word across Canada (October 4, 2018)

Every week we want to bring to your attention expository, Gospel-centred sermons from pastors across Canada. We hope that you become familiar with some of the faithful ministers of the word in our nation. We also hope that you will be edified on your daily commute or whenever you listen to these messages. We lastly hope that you learn about the churches where these pastors minister, so that you can easily find Gospel-centered, expository churches in your region.

Paul Carter on 1 Peter 2:1-3 “How To Grow Up In A Hurry” (Orillia)

In this fourth sermon in the “Faith Under Fire” series Pastor Paul Carter talks about how to grow up in a hurry. There is a storm coming, Peter knows, and only that which is strong and stable and rooted will survive. So how do grow up in a hurry?

To listen to or watch the message see here.

Clint Humfrey on Philippians 4:1-3 (Calgary)

The problem with the church is that it’s filled with people. So how do you get along at church? Philippians 4:1-3 will help us to get along at church as we seek to be likeminded with Jesus and his people.

Here is the sermon link.

George Sinclair on Ruth 3 (Ottawa)

Will God replace our ordinary desires with spiritual ones? Are ordinary desires wrong in God’s sight? Does the path for growing close to God involve putting our desires to death? Ruth 3 provides surprising insights as it prepares us to understand what it means that the Lord redeems us, and what a faithful redeemed life will look like.

Here’s the link to George’s sermon.

Rob Godard on “Romans: Not Ashamed of the Gospel” from Romans 1:1-17 (Surrey)

The book of Romans is one of the most important books that has ever been written. It is a book that followers of Jesus cherish because of its richness in theology and the way it can be worked out in everyday life. It is a book about the way the Gospel can become the center of the life of the follower or the believer, or more simply, it displays to followers of Jesus what Gospel-centered living looks like. This book is worth spending time getting to know, for through it we will meet the God of the Bible, see His Gospel plan more fully, and allow this plan to infiltrate and dominate our lives.

The messages in this series can be found here.  CBC also live streams all services from 10:30am PST on CBC LIVE.

Bradley Morrice on Hebrews 1 1:4, 2:1-4 (Montreal)

Ce qui ressort du texte que nous lisons aujourd’hui, c’est l’importance “d’entendre” quelque chose. Nous sommes dans une époque où tout le monde aime s’exprimer et la majorité d’entre nous avons plusieurs plateformes sur les réseaux sociaux pour le faire. L’écrivain de la lettre aux Hébreux nous rappelle l’importance d’écouter, de garder le cap, et voici ce que nous explorerons dans le texte : qui devons-nous entendre, ce qu’on doit entendre, et comment entendre.


What emerges from the text we read today is the importance of “hearing” something. We are in a time where everyone likes to express themselves and the majority of us have several platforms on social networks to do so. The writer of the letter to the Hebrews reminds us of the importance of listening, of staying the course, and here is what we will explore in the text: who should we hear, what should we hear, and how to hear.

Here is the link.

Bradley Morrice on Hebrew 3:7 – 4:11 (Montreal)

Un thème revient continuellement tout au long de la lettre écrite aux Hébreux ; celui de garder le cap, celui de continuer à suivre Jésus parce qu’il vaut la peine. Aujourd’hui, nous voyons que l’auteur de la lettre encourage les chrétiens de l’époque, et par conséquent nous aussi, à persévérer dans la foi grâce au “repos”. Qu’est-ce que ce repos décrit le texte ? Comment l’obtenir ? De qui avons-nous besoin pour l’obtenir ?


A theme continually recurs throughout the letter written to the Hebrews; the one of keeping the course, the one of continuing to follow Jesus because it is worthwhile. Today, we see that the author of the letter encourages Christians of the time, and therefore us too, to persevere in the faith through “rest”. What does this rest describe the text? How to get it? Who do we need to get it?

Here is the sermon.


*** Descriptions are provided by churches in which the sermons were preached.