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The Word across Canada (September 9)

Every week we want to bring to your attention expository, Gospel-centred sermons from pastors across Canada. We hope that you become familiar with some of the faithful ministers of the word in our nation. We also hope that you will be edified on your daily commute or whenever you listen to these messages. We lastly hope that you learn about the churches where these pastors minister, so that you can easily find Gospel-centered, expository churches in your region.

Paul Martin on 1 Corinthians 15 (Toronto)

We lost a dear sister of ours in a tragic accident last week. So this morning we rejoiced in the hope of the Gospel and the resurrection. It is this Gospel which we received, in which we stand, and by which we are being saved.

Click here for the sermon.

François Turcotte on Psalm 16 (Montréal)

Cette semaine François Turcotte aborde le sujet de la prière, et cherche l’aide et l’example de David en la Psaume 16. “Si on prie juste pour que dieu nous sortes des problèmes et après on continue notre course, on n’a pas joie a penser qu’on va être dans la presence de Dieu, parce que ce n’est pas qu’on veut, on veut continuer notre course.”


This week François Turcotte addresses the topic of prayer, and seeks the help and example of David in Psalm 16. “If we just pray for God to get us out of trouble and then we continue on our way, we don’t have the joy of expecting we’re going to be in the presence of God, because it’s not what we really want want, we want to go our way.”

Here is the sermon link.

Jeff Eastwood on John 15:1-17 (Charlottetown)

Clarifying the definition of what it means to be a Christian is an ever present reality, and certainly the case at this point in history. In our passage today Jesus gives at least nine realities of those that are true followers of Him. May those who are true disciples of Christ find comfort from His words, and those who are not find challenge and change, as Pastor Jeff exposits John 15:1-17.

Here are the audiodetails, and video of the message.

Roy Comrie on Revelation 4-5 (Surrey)

A guest speaker and a long time missionary, Roy Comrie takes us on a journey through understanding the relationship between the throne and the cross.

To listen to the message, click here.

Clint Humfrey on Habakkuk 2:5-20 (Calgary)

God derisively mocked the Babylonians after he did it to Israel. In Habakkuk chapter 2, the prophet is told of five putdowns which God mocked Babylon with. If our God is scoffing at the nations and their idols in our day too, then why should we conform to their impotent and passing ways? The meek may be a minority, but they should be confident in God.

Here are the sermon’s main points:

  1. God’s Five Scornful Putdowns
  2. The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
  3. The Confidence of a Prophetic Minority

Click here to listen!

Tim Kerr on Proverbs 30:18-28 (King City)

A needless life-altering accident occurred because someone ignored a simple boundary marker. Yellow boundary lines on the road are not there to brighten up our roads. They are there for our protection. We ignore them at our peril. Life is like that too. God has built many boundaries into our life, not to constrain and squeeze us, but to protect us.

Here is the sermon.


Wyatt Graham serves as the executive director of the The Gospel Coalition Canada. You can follow him on Twitter. He also blogs at WyattGraham.com.

*** Note: I do not write the descriptions listed above. They are sent to me by churches.