The Author

Heather is the wife of Pastor Trevor Peacock, Harvest Bible Chapel Calgary North, and the mother of two sweet girls, Hope, age 14 years old and Gabriella, age 12 years old.  Formerly a Registered Nurse, Heather is now a stay at home mom and pastor’s wife, about to take on homeschooling their daughters this fall! You can follow the story of Hope and her family, as they trust in the story God is writing for them, on [email protected] or on the Facebook Group Page, “Praying for Hope Peacock.”  It is a story of God’s undeserved grace and steadfast love, and He continues to write…


The Word across Canada (December 14, 2018)

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How the Gospel Engages People Seeking Suicide

In Canadian society, the role of physician-assisted suicide (PAS)*