The Author

Jeff Jones serves as Executive Pastor at Calvary Grace Church of Calgary. A graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada and the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, Jeff has worked as a hotel manager, charity program coordinator, and a corporate chaplain, and he and his wife Erin currently live in Cochrane, Alberta, with their six children.

The Word across Canada (October 18, 2018)

Every week we want to bring to your attention expository, Gospel-centred sermons from pastors across Canada. We hope that you become familiar with some of

Visions of God and Our Vision of God

Moses, Elijah, three Apostles, and Paul talked with Jesus

The Problem with Pursuing Happiness

Don’t worry. Be happy! Sounds easy enough. Human hearts

Conflict Reveals Our Gospel Beliefs

You don’t have to be part of a church

15 Quotes from Christ Crucified by Donald Macleod

In Christ Crucified: Understanding the Atonement, Donald Macleod provides