The Author

Deina Warren is an Ontario lawyer whose practice focuses largely on constitutional and human rights law. She went to law school in Ottawa, articled at the Superior Court of Justice, and completed her Master of Laws at Osgoode Hall Law School. Deina lives with her family in the GTA.

Trinity Western Loses law school appeal at Supreme Court

A five-judge majority of the Supreme Court agreed that provincial law societies were right to deny accreditation to Trinity Western University’s proposed law school.

The Ontario Divisional Court Rules That Doctors Must Refer for Abortion And Assisted Suicide

Yesterday the Ontario Divisional Court ruled that Ontario doctors

Kerfuffle Clarified? A Follow up to the New Attestation Required of All Canada Summer Jobs Applicants

The Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program provides funding for

Eligibility and the Canada Summer Jobs Program

Next summer many Christian churches, charities and para-church organizations

LSUC Statement of Principles

While not a king or governor, LSUC is in