Gregory of Nyssa and Fathomless Wonder

When I speak with a friend, I cannot fully grasp what he thinks and feels. I do not directly experience their day, their well-being, their slight muscle soreness, their previous conversations, their sleep level, and their past experiences. I cannot fathom someone’s daily experience of work, family, friends, medicine, pain, happiness, and much more besides. I do not know how he cares for his sister and regrets treating his father unkindly. I do not know the thousand experiences that made him what he is today. He cannot either. Our limits are such that we cannot even know ourselves fully. In...

Falling Away and Forsaking the Meeting

Imagine a young man being mocked at work who fears that he will be fired for his faith. To avoid the shame and loss, he cuts himself off from all Christians and says, “I am not one of them!” He does so to protect himself from harm. That’s apostasy, a falling away from the faith.  And that is the kind of scenario Hebrews 10:24–25 warns against when the author admonishes believers to spur one another to good works, not to renounce meeting with each other, and to encourage each other.  In this article, I want to show how this admonition...

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