No, I Will Not Stop Calling The Church A Family

I saw an article the other day with the title: “Stop Calling The Church A Family”. The argument being made by the author was that the Bible doesn’t call the church a family, and using the term sets the bar too high for most congregations to achieve. As someone who has been reading through the Bible every year since 2012 – the New Testament twice a year – as part of the RMM Bible Reading plan, my jaw hit the floor. The Bible doesn’t refer to the church as a family? What about Mark 3:31-33? And his mother and his...

Leaning into Evangelical Re-enchantment

There’s a lot of talk about re-enchantment in some circles. But what is this term trying to describe? Simply put, it’s the feeling and experience that the spell of secularism is breaking and that its hold on our culture is slipping. A Story Here’s how I might tell it as a story. The world lay cold and grey under a thick fog of atheistic materialism. Everything had a natural cause, our brains were just computers, our societies akin to glorified chimpanzee families, and all religious beliefs no more than comforting group superstitions. The big questions had been answered and all...

Encouragement for Reluctant Saints

I have a confession to make. Every now and again, I catch myself thinking Why couldn’t God have just raptured me the minute I came to faith? I know there are some faithful Christian brothers and sisters out there who breeze through life making it all look very easy, and I love them dearly for it. But for my part, the hardest part of being a Christian is living as a Christian in the context of this fallen world. From the moment of conversion when God removes the scales from our eyes, and we see the world as it is,...

We Are Resident Aliens

Christians sometimes debate politics. Some reason that if a nation has a majority of Christians, then we might speak of a Christian Nation with particular Christian laws and habits. Others hope for a new political order ushered in by Christ on earth that revives the laws of the old covenant for today. Given the landscape of these debates, I wonder why few discussions highlight Peter’s political theology as expressed in 1 Peter? There, he provides not only political categories to identify us as Christians but also specific ways in which we act out this identity politically, economically, and socially as...

Into Theology 82: Persons in God (ST I.Q29)

In this episode, Ian Clary and Wyatt Graham discuss divine persons in Thomas Aquinas’s Summa. They talk through why Thomas thinks the word person eminently applies to God, and how it is fitting to use of God, even if the Bible does not use that term. Here is a link to the article I wrote on God’s processions, relations, and persons to clarify things from the last episode.

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