Easter After Exile

Easter 2020 was like no Easter in living memory. The global pandemic due to COVID19 caused most churches in North America and around the world to pause large gatherings to allow some breathing space for health officials to understand and hopefully contain this rapidly spreading virus. Like many other congregations, we were disappointed, but not dismayed. We would miss the opportunity to wear our bright coloured clothes, to sing our loudest and most triumphant songs and to revisit together the glory that is ours through the power and victory of Jesus Christ. But the Gospel would not be chained. We...

Bill C-4: History, Concerns, and Response

On January 7th, 2022 Bill C-4 will become the law of the land in Canada. Christian pastors, parents, counsellors and mentors may all be affected. Canadian Christians need to understand this law and they should be prepared for coordinated action. This brief summary has been created to serve that end and should not be understood or construed as legal counsel. Background And History A similar Bill known as Bill C-6 was first introduced in October 2020 and was last discussed in the 2nd session of the 43rd Parliament which ended in August 2021. Bill C-6 did not receive final approval....

The Church On The Other Side: Anticipations And Concerns

In March of 2020 I told a younger pastoral colleague that I expected the lockdown due to COVID19 to last somewhere between 2-3 weeks. Obviously, I was wrong. We are now nearly 2 years in and seeing the highest new infection rates at any point in the pandemic due to the incredibly contagious Omicron variant. That being said, thanks to the effectiveness of the various vaccines and other counter measures, hospitalization rates do not appear to be rising at anywhere near the same steep pace. Many experts are predicting that the Omicron variant may in fact bring us closer to...

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