What You Should Know about the Release of Pastor James Coates

On February 16th, Pastor James Coates turned himself in to the police. He was arrested “for violating a bail condition to comply with COVID-19 health orders” according to the CBC. Pastor Coates then remained in a remand centre for 35 days. But on March 22nd, after one month in a remand centre, the court released Pastor Coates.  What happened?  This article provides a FAQ to clarify why Pastor Coates was in a remand centre, why he was released, and what his release means.   Why was Pastor Coates arrested?  Pastor Coates, along with GraceLife Church Edmonton, holds the religious conviction that...

Aux Premiers ministres des provinces et territoires du Canada

Aux Premiers ministres des provinces et territoires du Canada, Au nom du conseil de la Coalition canadienne pour l’Évangile, veuillez accepter nos remerciements les plus sincères pour vos efforts inlassables et dévoués au nom de tous les Canadiens tout au long de cette pandémie. Nous vous sommes reconnaissants et nous prions pour vous régulièrement. Les Écritures accordent une grande dignité au rôle et à la fonction du gouvernement civil : “il le est serviteur de Dieu pour ton bien.” (Romains 13.4, NEG) Nous sommes enjoints d’honorer nos autorités civiles et de rendre à tous ce qui leur est dû, par...

What Kind of Canada Do We Want?

With the arrival of the SARS-COVID-19 virus, our lives have been disrupted. Governments around the world have scrambled to understand the virus, test for it, and treat it. In Canada, we have seen a response like many other countries. The main policy approach has been to limit contact between citizens in order to limit the spread of the infectious virus. Citizens have come to expect the recurring policy of “lockdowns” as the main way to stop the infectious spread of the virus. But is the ongoing lockdown policy in Canada spreading something worse than the coronavirus? Have we lost something...

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