What You Need to Know about the Arrest of Pastor James Coates

On February 16th 2021, Pastor James Coates turned himself in to the police. According to the CBC, he was arrested “on two counts of contravening the Public Health Act and on one criminal charge for failing to comply with a condition of an undertaking.” Pastor Coates is now held in a remand centre (a provincial prison) under quarantine as part of COVID-19 protocol. What happened here? The following FAQ aims to clarify the facts in order to accurately understand the matter. Why should you care about this? Canadians who support religious freedom should be concerned about this case: the arrest...

What Kind of Canada Do We Want?

With the arrival of the SARS-COVID-19 virus, our lives have been disrupted. Governments around the world have scrambled to understand the virus, test for it, and treat it. In Canada, we have seen a response like many other countries. The main policy approach has been to limit contact between citizens in order to limit the spread of the infectious virus. Citizens have come to expect the recurring policy of “lockdowns” as the main way to stop the infectious spread of the virus. But is the ongoing lockdown policy in Canada spreading something worse than the coronavirus? Have we lost something...

What’s the Difference between Limiting and Infringing Rights and Freedoms?

Earlier this week, I published an editorial in the National Post responding to an article by Michael Coren claiming that Ontario’s recently implemented lockdown does not restrict freedom of religion or worship. I’ve since had the opportunity to expand on my rebuttal, including on Jamil Jivani’s talk show on Newstalk 1010, and eagerly accepted The Gospel Coalition’s invitation to address one specific issue I raise in the piece: the difference between limiting and infringing a right or freedom. Some will no doubt find this distinction to be technical, bordering on pedantic. And admittedly, the idea that a right or freedom...

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