J.I. Packer: Seven Personal Reflections

Image: Regent College / Youtube. I met J.I. Packer in the early 1990’s, and I worked with him (off and on) since 1994. Before I share several things about him, I first want to share a story about someone else that I believe probably captures what he would say about what I am about to write.  Story I used to do a monthly service at a Senior’s residence. The main organizer of the service was a resident I will call Sue. She always insisted that I stay for lunch after the service so that we could chat. She was elderly...

What Are Conversion Therapy Bans About?

In what “could be a landmark day for Calgary’s LGBTQ community,” the City of Calgary (Alberta’s largest municipality) voted yesterday on a proposed ban on Conversion Therapy.[1] Federally, the Liberal government has tabled legislation to amend the Criminal Code to make the practice of Conversion Therapy a Crime.[2] Proposed bans on Conversion Therapy seem to be in the news since every major municipality, province, and even the Federal Government have enacted or are considering such bans. Although the coverage by the media is almost entirely focused on the “pro-ban” viewpoint, they do report on a divergence of opinion: The pro-ban...

Four Things That Surprised Me about Ravi Zacharias

He sat across from me, but his face was blurry. I can’t see without glasses, and I didn’t have them with me despite the fact that this was an interview for which I had flown down from Ottawa to Atlanta. Although it was a job interview, I treasured the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Ravi Zacharias in the quiet of his office. Much surprised me during those precious 75 minutes and the two years that have followed since. Awe, Wonder, And Humility One of Ravi Zacharias’s most defining features was how he lived in awe, wonder, and humility. During my...

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