A Sample Schedule for a Small Church Pastor

I read with interest the recent article by my friend and fellow pastor Paul Carter as he outlined a typical week in his ministry. I saw many parallels to my own ministry but just as many differences, so many in fact, that I thought it would be helpful to write a companion article to contrast some of the differences found between larger multi-staff churches, and the reality of serving in small contexts as a solo pastor. In my early days of solo-pastoring I remembering dropping in on a handful of older pastors and asking if they could help me sort...

A Sample Schedule for Pastors: Review and Reflections

I wrote a brief article about a week ago entitled “A Sample Schedule For Pastors”. I received a fair bit of response, both online and through private correspondence. Some of the responses took the form of requests for more information and further clarity; a few expressed concern or disagreement. Given that the goal of the original piece was to provide some insight on time management and prioritization it occurred to me that a follow up contribution might be welcomed. First, in response to a variety of questions: 1. What about personal reading? I don’t tend to consider my personal reading...

Advent Joy

We sing ‘Joy to the World’ each Christmas but don’t often feel joy filled. Our circumstances and situations can rob us of joy. A difficult family situation, a challenging health diagnosis, a crushing job loss can all rob us of our joy. Jesus has just told His disciples that He is going to leave them for a little while. They don’t understand what He is saying or where He is going. Their paradigm of Him is skewed. They want Him to free Israel from the Roman tyranny. How can He be going? He came to free them from a greater...

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