Working With Others: Allies and Co-Belligerents

In 1998 Billy Graham held a four day long, five event Mission in Ottawa. Back in those days, our church was called St. Alban’s, and we were one of the sponsoring churches. The Billy Graham Mission was very powerful, and I was glad that we could join with many other churches in this highly public act of lifting Jesus high. A couple of weeks after the Mission, I was visiting someone in the hospital. After the visit, before heading to my next responsibility, I visited the bathroom, and as I was doing my business, I set my Bible down on...

Learning from a Lifetime of Funerals

After my first funeral, I thought I would never be asked to preside over another. Yet people are willing to forgive mistakes when we care for them. And after many years in ministry, I have had the opportunity to reflect on a lifetime of funerals. Here, I want to share few reflections about my mistakes as well as what I’ve learned. Perhaps these stories will encourage you and help you see the importance of funerals. Visitation My first funeral was for a man in his late fifties. I had met him in the hospital and led him to Christ. His...

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