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The God of Seeing

May God make the church a place where people are seen and cared for, and where we don’t turn away even when it’s uncomfortable.

Pastors: Keep Preaching

Martyn Lloyd-Jones pastored Westminster Chapel in London during World War II. London suffered, with tens of thousands killed or injured. One Sunday, a bomb fell a short distance away while Lloyd-Jones prayed during a service. The sound was tremendous. Windows rattled. Plaster fell. Lloyd-Jones paused for a moment, and then continued to pray. The man who gave announcements came up when the prayer was over. After he’d completed his task, he dusted Lloyd-Jones off, and then Lloyd-Jones started preaching. “Why would he do this?” asks Mark Dever. “Because he knew that preaching was the main thing.” Lloyd-Jones had written, “I...

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Comment contacter vos premiers ministres et vos députés

Cet article vise à aider les chrétiens à mettre en pratique leur théologie en fournissant les informations pour contacter nos gouvernements locaux. Au cours des derniers mois, La Coalition canadienne pour l’Évangile a produit des articles qui décrivent comment de chrétiens réformés ont eu des relations avec les autorités gouvernementales dans le passé. Bradford Littlejohn, un expert dans ce domaine, a décrit une théologie de la résistance réformée et son application (ici et ici). Afin de démontrer que nous devrions utiliser cette théologie, et contacter nos dirigeants locaux, j’ai récemment écrit un article intitulé, sans grande imagination, “Appealing to the...

How to Contact Your Premiers and MPPs/MLAs

This article aims to help Christians practice their theology by providing contacts for local governments. Over the past months, The Gospel Coalition Canada has provided articles that outlined how many reformed Christians in the past have related to governing authorities. Bradford Littlejohn, an expert in this area, described a reformed resistance theory and its application (here and here). To make the case that we should use this theology to contact our local leaders, I recently wrote an article somewhat unimaginatively titled: Appealing to the Lesser Magistrate in 2021. The basic idea is that Christians should use lower forms of government...

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