Herman Bavinck on the Family

In many ways the idea of “family” has been challenged significantly in our culture. There are a variety of factors that have brought this situation about. For instance, the average age of first-time motherhood in Canada has shifted from 23.7 in 1960 to 29.2 in 2016. Certainly, postponing the beginning of a family into one’s late twenties or early thirties has affected people’s view on the family overall. Every parent has experienced the twenty-something, with no kids, telling them how they should manage their children as if they had your kids’ best interest in mind. Yet, the family is not...

Confident in the Truth Without Being a jerk. It’s Possible.

I am an evangelical. That word evangelical often means way more than I intend or virtually nothing at all to many people. By evangelical, I primarily mean that I adhere to the centrality of the Gospel and the authority of Scripture within the broad trajectory laid out by the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Yet some within or without this (now) nebulous movement have fallen into patterns of thinking that simply do not represent how I understand evangelicalism.  On one hand, Christians have attempted to progress beyond traditional beliefs of past Christian thought. Some progress beyond traditional Christian beliefs about the...

Slow down Today. Or burn out Tomorrow.

The psalms repeatedly tell us to stop, cease striving, and behold God and his works. As Psalm 46 says, “Come, behold the works of the Lord” and “Be still, and know that I am God” (Ps 46:8, 10). In context, the psalmist faces the rage of the nations. The act to which God calls him is: beholding and being still.  This pattern exists elsewhere. In Psalm 27, evildoers pursue David. They want to destroy him. What does he ask for? Military reinforcements? A new weapon?  No. He says, “One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek...

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