Four Ways to Practice Pandemic Hospitality

It’s been seven months since we have been practicing social distancing and adjusting and re-adjusting to the social guidelines coinciding with our regions. While the desire to return back to normal interaction with each other is quite strong, we still do not know when social distancing will end. Because of this, we need to continually and intentionally re-evaluate how we are living our lives in our new contexts—and how we can be in each other’s lives during a time where we all crave connection and fellowship.  Now, more than ever, Christians need to heed the call to practise biblical hospitality....

What Has the Pandemic Been Like in Saskatchewan? A Local Pastor Tells Us about His Experience.

“The only way I’m going to get through this is if God is in control,” I thought to myself as I sat up uncomfortably in my hospital bed. I was recovering from an intense bout with pneumonia that almost killed me just a few weeks earlier, and had just been told by a surgeon that when I was fully recovered I would need a massive surgery. They had found a hole between my esophagus and trachea that needed to be repaired, but also discovered my esophagus didn’t work and would need to be removed for the sake of my future...

Ten Tips for Discerning Digital Dating

“What if he’s some kind of serial killer?”––my Aunt Nubia inquired as I told her I was heading to O’Hare International Airport to pick up a stranger named Dan I had met online.  “How do you propose I discern such a quality in a suitor?” I queried.  “Hide behind the carousel at baggage claim,” she suggested, “and watch him for a while. That should do the trick.” A month prior, I had stumbled upon Dan’s profile on a Christian singles site. I didn’t expect anything to come of it, but I was willing to give it a shot. A part...

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