The Plight of the Refugee

It was late on a Friday evening when various texts began to emerge on my phone. A teenager, barely 18 years old, had been shot three times and was subsequently run over by the vehicle the criminals fled the murder scene with. His family was central to our Karen Congregation and ministry (Burmese refugees). I visited the family the next day. Eighteen multi-generational family members lived in the small three-bedroom home. Bunkbeds were stacked throughout the main floor. There was only seating for five people, yet 40 people were jammed in small living space. Officers from Community Services were there....

A Sample Schedule for a Small Church Pastor

I read with interest the recent article by my friend and fellow pastor Paul Carter as he outlined a typical week in his ministry. I saw many parallels to my own ministry but just as many differences, so many in fact, that I thought it would be helpful to write a companion article to contrast some of the differences found between larger multi-staff churches, and the reality of serving in small contexts as a solo pastor. In my early days of solo-pastoring I remembering dropping in on a handful of older pastors and asking if they could help me sort...

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