A Life and Ministry Worth Imitating

I never met Tim Keller. But I got to know him through his preaching, writing, and speaking ministries, both in person and online, and I have a sense that we were fellow companions on this earthly journey. He equipped me in the early stages of my marriage, guided me through ministry, instructed me during lonely drives, and mentored me in my preaching from afar. Considering his imminent death, the apostle Paul exhorted a new generation of Christians to keep their eyes on those who walk according to his apostolic example, while they await the Savior’s return and our subsequent resurrection....

Tim Keller: “I thank my God every time I remember you”

Like many, my life and ministry has been profoundly impacted by Tim Keller. Having listened to hundreds of his sermons, numerous podcasts, and read most of his books, I am indebted to this choice servant of God. The Lord used him powerfully to impact a city and then through that ministry to impact our world through ministries like The Gospel Coalition. Whenever I reflect on the influence Tim Keller had on my life, Philippians 1 invariably comes to mind, ‘I thank my God every time I remember you.’ I was first introduced to Tim Keller in 1995, when I read...

(Still) Barren on Mother’s Day

Like many kids, I grew up dreaming of what I wanted to be when I grew up. At times I wanted to be a nurse, sometimes a teacher, other times a milkman just like my dad, and on occasion an architect (for no other reason than I loved looking at house plans). I never once put into my plans that I wanted to be a mom because I assumed that went without saying. I never felt like I needed to plan that part because obviously that’s how life goes. But that’s not how my life went. I’m 37 and I...

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