Dwayne Cline

Dwayne has been the lead pastor of Hughson St. Baptist Church in Hamilton, Ontario since January 1995. He was raised in rural Ontario and loved working on a couple of farms and for a local plumber in his teenaged years. God saved him at a young age. After graduating from Tyndale College, God called him to pastor in the heart of Hamilton. The North End of Hamilton was the third poorest community in Canada when Dwayne started pastoring the church. As the church has a parish model of ministry, a number of families from Hughson St. live within walking distance of the church and Hughson St. offers a variety of ministries in the neighbourhood which cares for over 500 unchurched individuals and families each week. Hughson St is currently building a new church facility that will include 45 apartments for those needing supportive and affordable housing. Hughson St has planted a church in the East end of the city where the principal told them that 85% of the children at the school don’t speak English on their first day. Dwayne serves on boards with various groups and organizations in Hamilton. Dwayne married Aimee in 1998 and they have four children. Dwayne speaks for camps, universities, denominational meetings and conferences across the country. He likes to run and read daily and loves to vacation with his family.

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