Introducing Gospel-Shaped Worship

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Across our nation, worship leaders and teams faithfully serve their churches every Lord’s Day.  And many are seeking resources to help them in their ministry of Gospel-shaped worship. In order to meet this need and perhaps to introduce other churches to what Gospel-shaped worship is, we are beginning a worship initiative that will provide resources, weekly videos, and live discussion among worship leaders. 

Here is a sample of what you will see in the coming weeks:

  • A resource for liturgical worship (video)
  • Examples of a Gospel shaped liturgy to provide ideas and help to worship leaders (PDFs)
  • Weekly Instagram Live talks on Gospel-shaped worship
  • Online discussions with worship leaders across Canada (periodical) 

At the start of this initiative, we invite you to view a video resource created by Pat Sczebel (TGCC Council Member) that will help worship leaders think through their liturgy—making explicit the theology and purpose behind what they do. On Thursday, Pat will begin his weekly Instagram Live talk at 9AM PST / 12PM EST on TGC Canada’s Instagram page. See you there!

And before you go, here is a PDF of the liturgy portrayed in the above video.

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