Social Media and Christianity

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Canadian Pastors’ Forum: Pastoral Development

Statistics tell us that 25% of current pastors plan to retire in the six months. If that’s even close to true, then we have to ask the question: where will the next generation of pastors come from? How can we foster and develop pastors in our churches? Pastors Paul Carter, Paul Martin, and Steve Bray discuss that question here.

Pastoring in a Pandemic Part 4

Pastors Paul Carter, Paul Martin, Rob Godard, Steve Bray, and Clint Humfrey talk about pastoring in a pandemic. Topics covered include: 1. The James Coates’ situation. What happened and how did it become such a source of division in Canadian churches? 2. Political engagement – how much and how much is too much? 3. Regathering on the other side – healing wounds, rebuilding and reaching out.

Here is our roundtable discussion on Christians and Social Media. The roundtable focuses on parenting children in a social media age. We also discuss how to use social media as Christians. We hope it is a blessing and help to you.

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