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The Gospel Coalition Canada Website Is Live

I am pleased to announce the launch of The Gospel Coalition Canada’s website. My hope is that TGC Canada’s website becomes a hub of Gospel-centered material for all Canadians. The website will include a wide array of articles and media primarily from Canadians. For months TGC Canada editors have been gathering content for the website. We hope that our website publications will speak peace into controversy and will spiritually benefit you through our Gospel-centered material.

The launch of TGC Canada’s website is one way to realize our vision of fostering Gospel renewal from coast to coast to coast. This year Canada celebrates her 150th anniversary. As many are celebrating this historic moment, TGC Canada is excited to join in this celebration by highlighting Gospel-centered churches and people across Canada. God is at work in our nation, and we hope for his continuing favour.

The Canadian Church

The story of the Canadian church is being told in two very different ways. The first story is a story of loss. It laments the decline of churches across Canada. Many of our historic churches have fallen into disrepair, and projections regarding their futures do not bode well. Canadian churches have also noticeably drifted away from the centrality of the Gospel and from the authority of Scripture. But this story does not take into account the full picture.

The second story is more hopeful. A new movement of evangelicalism is spreading across Canada. Across our Provinces pastors are faithfully preaching Christ to congregations that hold to historic Christian beliefs, and they are growing. God is at work in our nation.

The Gospel Coalition Canada seeks to be a part of this second story, and to play a part in fostering Gospel renewal in Canada.

Website Overview

The main TGC Canada page will gather articles from many different Canadians touching on a wide range of topics with, of course, a gospel focus. In addition to publishing articles from our main page, we’ll host a number of blogs.

SOLA’s blog will house many of our French-language articles. A group of volunteers led by Jean-Cristophe Jasmin has been working to produce gospel-saturated material in the French language for a French-Canadian context.

We also have three blogs hosted by TGC Canada Council members:

  1. Paul Carter’s blog is called Ad Fontes. His goal is to “facilitate conversations about the Scriptures in an effort to stir up renewal and reformation in the church.”
  2. Clint Humfrey’s blog is called Cowboyology. Clint is a pastor from Calgary, Alberta, and as the blog title suggests, Clint brings a western flavour to TGC Canada’s website.
  3. Dr. Michael Haykin, author and seminary professor, will run a blog called Bede’s Wall, which will focus primarily on church history, including Canadian church history.

We’ll also host two podcasts. The first is a daily Bible podcast called Into the Word, where we will go chapter by chapter through the Bible so that you can hear and learn about Scripture on your commute or whenever you want to listen in. The second is a TGC Canada podcast, where we hope to draw from the voices of Christian leaders across our country.

How to Engage

We hope that you will visit our site as well as follow us on Twitter and Facebook, so that you can find our content easily. If you desire to contribute to TGC Canada, please email me at CanadaTGC [at] gmail.com.

Our greatest need is God’s blessing and favor. So please join with us as we pray for Canada and for The Gospel Coalition’s role in fostering Gospel renewal across our nation.


Wyatt Graham serves as the executive director of the The Gospel Coalition Canada. You can follow him on Twitter. He also blogs at WyattGraham.com.