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Many of us struggle to keep up with the various guidelines and rules for churches across Canada. And now that many Provinces have decided to allow churches to open, albeit in limited ways, we wanted to provide a simple resource that explains the situation for churches across Canada. We have made a simple, short guide that explains relevant information for Canadian churches as well as links to official guidelines in each Province.

We list information for each Province and Territory in alphabetical order. Each entry provides simple summaries of current guidelines and then cites the relevant source. 


On June 9, Premier Kenney said that Alberta will allow places of worship to open without limit—though physical distancing must be maintained. Churches can open on June 12. Provincial guidelines Here are the Alberta guidelines for places of worship.  

British Columbia

Currently, churches in British Columbia can worship with a max limit of 50 people along with safety measures. Here are the provincial guidelines


Effective May 25, Manitoba has allowed 25 people to gather indoors (50 outdoors). This applies to places of worship. Here are the provincial guidelines

New Brunswick

As of May 28, under the yellow level, New Brunswick allows religious organizations to hold services with a maximum of 50 people (indoor and outdoor) with safety measures. Here are the provincial guidelines

Newfoundland & Labrador

As of June 7, Newfoundland & Labrador allows public gatherings with up to 20 people, but these gatherings apply to only essential or official events and ceremonies, such as funerals, burials, weddings, and essential workplace activities. Here are the provincial guidelines.

Northwest Territories

As of June 12, Northwest Territories allow outdoor faith-based gatherings of 50 people and indoor gatherings of 25 people. Here are the territorial guidelines

Nova Scotia

Effective June 5, Nova Scotia allows a maximum of 10 people for places of worship. Here are the provincial guidelines


As of June 8, the government of Nunavut permits outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people. Here are the territorial guidelines


On June 8, Premier Ford said that all Ontario churches may open at 30% capacity with safety measures in place. This begins on June 12. Ontario released guidelines which can be found here. The city of Toronto provided some specific guidelines for places of worship, which can be found here

Prince Edward Island

On June 1, Prince Edward Island allowed churches to meet with a maximum of 15 people (indoors) along with specific guidelines. Here are the provincial guidelines


As of June 15, indoor gatherings will be allowed. Gatherings are limited to 10 people and should be people from no more than 3 households. Here are provincial guidelines


As of June 8th, Saskatchewan allowed churches to gather at 30% capacity or 150 people (whichever number is less). Here are the provincial guidelines


The government of Yukon plans to permit religious services to be held for no more than 50 people or 1/3 of building capacity on July 1. However, the government warns that faith-based services pose a risk for spreading COVID-19, and in particular, the activities of sharing of ceremonial objects, food and drink, and singing can be risky. The government also warns that people over 65 years of age and people with underlying medical conditions are also vulnerable. Here are the territorial guidelines


We plan to update this page as new updates appear. Please let us know about updated information. Also consider referring to CCCC’s helpful spreadsheet here