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Every week we want to bring to your attention expository, Gospel-centred sermons from pastors across Canada. We hope that you become familiar with some of the faithful ministers of the word in our nation. We also hope that you will be edified on your daily commute or whenever you listen to these messages. We lastly hope that you learn about the churches where these pastors minister, so that you can easily find Gospel-centered, expository churches in your region.

George Sinclair on “Grumbling” from Philippians 2:14–30 (Ottawa)

Why do we sometimes find the Bible underwhelming? Why are we sometimes disappointed with God? After the glories of the “Christ Hymn” in Philippians 2:5–11 and the mystery of us working out our salvation with fear and trembling because God is at work in us – it seems so anti-climatic that Paul talks about grumbling. Most of us, if we are honest, expected more. Let’s plunge into God’s word written and see why the Bible is wise and helpful. 

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Ian Hales on “Redemptive Culture” from Ruth 4:1–12 (Toronto)

Culture is something that every church has but can sometimes be hard to define. Our culture must ultimately be determined by what we value most and therefore must be intentionally forged. Ruth 4:1-12 instructs us on how to embrace a culture of redemption that displays the beauty and power of the gospel.

Redemptive culture embraces…

  1. The Reality: Great Need (1–4)
  2. The Risk: Great Cost (5–10)
  3. The Reward: Great Blessing (11–12)
    – Fertility
    – Fame
    – Family

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Jeff Eastwood on “Joy” from Ecclesiastes 6:1–6 (Charlottetown, PE)

Joy: while often misunderstood and frequently bemoaned, this gift from God ought to be a benchmark for all followers of Christ, whether in good times or in bad. Follow along as Pastor Jeff examines “Joy” from Ecclesiastes 6:1–6.

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*** Descriptions are provided by churches in which the sermons were preached.