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Every week we want to bring to your attention expository, Gospel-centred sermons from pastors across Canada. We hope that you become familiar with some of the faithful ministers of the word in our nation. We also hope that you will be edified on your daily commute or whenever you listen to these messages. We lastly hope that you learn about the churches where these pastors minister, so that you can easily find Gospel-centered, expository churches in your region.

George Sinclair on John 8:31-59 (Ottawa)

Most Canadians quite strongly believe in half of what Jesus famously said. What is that? Most Canadians believe, “know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” We breathe our culture’s air, so it is also hard for Christians to see why “abiding in the word” and “truly being Jesus’ disciple” are necessary to “know the truth” in such a way that the truth sets us free. Let’s look at John 8:31-59 where Jesus shows why we need the Gospel to be free and why merely knowing the truth will not set us free.

Here’s the link to George’s sermon.

Rob Godard on The Danger of Compromise: Worldly Wanderers on Judges 1:1-3:6 (Surrey)

There is one book in the Bible that displays the dangers of the culture invading the church better than any other. It is the book of Judges that shows us what happens when the culture invades God’s people. What starts so strong, in terms of choosing to serve the Lord at the end of Joshua, turns into generational chaos in Israel. It is heart breaking to see Israel become more and more like the culture around them, and yet so hopeful to see God’s gracious love on display in His sending Judges to save His people.

As a church, it is our longing not only to know God, but to follow Him, to submit to Him fully as our King.  As we begin this journey through Judges, our goal will be to see the need we have as followers of God to give our lives completely to Him in radical surrender.

The audio and video for the first message in this new series can be found here.

Clint Humfrey on Philippians 2:12-13 (Calgary)

Every false religion offers hopeless ladders on crumbling walls. If you were to trace most of the bad teaching in the church, most of it would come back to a misunderstanding of Phil 2:12-13.  When the pursuit of piety is not grounded in the promise of God, it brings glory to sinful people alone, and not to God. Where is your promise? Where is your pursuit? When these are rightly ordered, God is pleased.

Here are the sermon’s main points, Working Out What God is Working In:

  1. The Most Important Distinction in the Christian Life?
  2. The Holy Pursuit
  3. The Holy Promise
Sermon link.

Tim Challies on Ephesians 5:22-24 (Toronto)

Tim Challies preached from Ephesians 5:22-24. God calls his people to live in families saved and shaped by the gospel. His first instruction is to women: Submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.

Here is the sermon.

François Turcotte on Psalm 62 (Montreal)  

Ce chant, ce psaume se décrit comme le croyant qui fait confiance en Dieu. Maintenant regardons pourquoi, aujourd’hui en 2018, l’option de faire confiance en Dieu est riche de sens pour le croyant. Ce psaume parle de ce moment où l’on s’arrête pour faire confiance à Dieu et trouver la sérénité.


This song, this psalm describes itself as the believer who trusts in God. Now let’s see why, today in 2018, the option of trusting God is meaningful to the believer. This psalm speaks of this moment when we stop to trust God and find serenity.

Here is the sermon. Voici le lien pour le sermon.



*** Descriptions are provided by churches in which the sermons were preached.