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The Word across Canada (December 07, 2018)

Every week we want to bring to your attention expository, Gospel-centred sermons from pastors across Canada. We hope that you become familiar with some of the faithful ministers of the word in our nation. We also hope that you will be edified on your daily commute or whenever you listen to these messages. We lastly hope that you learn about the churches where these pastors minister, so that you can easily find Gospel-centered, expository churches in your region.

Jeff Eastwood on 2 Samuel 22 (Charlottetown)

Reflection seems to be a lost art. We hold in our hand – everywhere we go – an instant distraction provider, ready to entertain us and keep us from thinking and reflecting deeply. 2 Samuel 22 is almost identical to Psalm 18, and serves as somewhat of a thank you note from David to God for all the ways He has shown Himself mighty to David.

Follow along as Pastor Jeff preaches on “Worship and Reflection” from 2 Samuel 22, sharing how God is worthy of all our praise. Watch or listen here.

George Sinclair on “Holy War” from Esther 7 and 8 (Ottawa)

Does the Bible teach that “Holy War” is valid? Should Christians believe it can be valid today? If not, why not? Because we know better? And how come it is in the Old Testament at all? Let’s plunge into Esther 7 and 8.

Here is the link to George’s sermon.

Rob Godard on “Absolute Trust: Demonstrated Love” from Romans 5:6-11 (Surrey)

It has been said that you can’t understand and experience the love of God unless you grasp the reality of our place outside of Christ. If you don’t grasp your sin and its consequences, you will never be able to experience the wealth of God’s love demonstrated in light of who we were when we received it. The bad news must come before we can grasp the richness of the good news.

All the messages in this series can be found here.  CBC also live streams all services from 10:30am PST on CBC LIVE.


*** Descriptions are provided by churches in which the sermons were preached.