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In this episode, Drs. Ian Clary and Wyatt Graham discuss Book XII of Augustine’s Confessions. In this book, Augustine seeks to understand the meaning of Genesis 1. On the basis of other Scripture that talks about creation (like Colossians 1 and Psalm 115), he sees that Genesis 1:1 must talk also about the invisible creation of thrones and powers and other non-visible creatures. At the same time, Genesis 1:8 must talk about the heavens that we see since God here names the firmament “heaven.” As he contemplates the meaning of the passage, Augustine also takes umbrage with those who are “know it alls” and think they can know the mind of Moses. Well, we do our best. And the good news is that God made the Bible available to the cobbler and scholar alike. According to each’s capability, they can know what the text means by what it says, even if they have a different way of putting it. God is much wiser than we are. And in so far as Augustine gets Genesis 1 and biblical interpretation right, he is often much wiser than we are too!

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